Reasons to Participate
Relatively few studies of the commercial sex industry have bothered to pay any attention to the people who pay for sexual services. Despite this fact, sex buyers have been characterized as 'social misfits,' 'sexual deviants,' 'violent,' 'diseased,' 'child molesters,' 'predators,' 'perverts,' 'psychologically imbalanced/psychopaths,' 'pedophiles' and 'immoral degenerates.'

Clearly, these images reflect the views of particular religious, moral, political, and social interest groups - many of whom seek the abolition of prostitution in Canada and/or the criminalization of the purchase of sexual services.

One of the primary goals of this project was to provide a safe, confidential, private, and secure space for people who had paid for sexual services to present their thoughts, experiences, opinions, and beliefs in your own words.

By taking part in this research participants helped us to know and better understand the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of people who purchase sexual services in Canada and they were able to contribute to the ongoing discussions about what kinds of things can and should be done to help make the commercial sex industry a healthy and safe environment for individuals who purchase and sell sex.

It was our hope that the invaluable contributions by participants to this research could be used to inform the development of education, service delivery, policy, and legislation that are based on the voices and experiences of a diverse range of people involved in the purchase of sexual services so that we could better meet the needs of ALL people involved in Canada's commercial sex industry.