About the Research
For the first time ever, we are seeking to provide a forum for people who pay for sex or sexual services, sex workers and their intimate partners, people who own and operate commercial sex venues, and the individuals and organizations that regulate the industry. Bringing these voices and perspectives together will help to better understand the complexities of the sex industry in Canada, and in particular the factors influencing health and safety within, and in relation to, the industry.

The purpose of the Sex, Safety and Security study is to better understand the attitudes, beliefs and experiences of people who have paid for sexual services. Our hope is that the knowledge provided by participants can be used to inform the development of education, service delivery, policy, and legislation that better meets the needs of ALL people involved in Canada's commercial sex industry.

Our goal is to provide a unique opportunity for ALL people who have had the experience of exchanging money for sexual services with a safe, secure and confidential venue for sharing their attitudes, opinions and experiences without fear of judgement, persecution or prosecution.

If you are interested in learning more about our sister projects that provide a forum for sex workers, their intimate partners or people who own/manage commercial sex businesses please visit our other research site at www.understandingsexwork.com .